Site Contractor Proudly Serving the Hudson Valley for 95 Years Nenni Construction & Excavating, Inc. A History of Success Est.1929
 Site Contractor Proudly Serving the Hudson Valley for 95 Years                                                                                        Nenni Construction & Excavating, Inc.                                                                                                                             A History of Success                                                                    Est.1929 

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Nenni Construction & Excavating, Inc., formely know as Nenni Equipment Corporation is a long time Hudson Valley contracting organization which spans over three generations starting in Italy then into the United States.


For 93 years, the Nenni Companies, has facilitated private, commercial and public projects through an unparalleled level of experience, proficiency and safety. Our company is Three Generations Strong with the knowledge passed down from generation to generation while continuing to maintain and strengthen the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and timely delivery of services with an unequivocal devotion to the safety.


Since 1929, we have focused on being the best earthwork company, both competitively and productively while endlessly striving to produce the highest results in the shortest times. At Nenni Equipment Corporation, we maintain a fleet of light and heavy equipment to handle any size project. We are capable of building any storm-water facility including bio-retention systems, reconstruction of wet lands, dry wells, detention ponds, infiltration basins, wet ponds, storm water filter systems. We are the choice contractor for the installation of public water piping and meter vaults, sanitary sewer systems, storm systems, electrical, underground boring and other miscellaneous utilities on any size project. We also perform land clearing, rock chipping, cuts and fills, building excavations, all types of curbing and sidewalks, retaining walls, paving both parking lots and road paving. We can prepare existing sites of any size or new site work by removing concrete, asphalt, fencing, underground utilities, demolition of existing buildings and other existing structures. When ever possible, we crush existing concrete and asphalt as recycled sub-base for the new project in an effort to be environmentally responsible and to minimize cost for our clients.


We are a non-union company that performs work for the private and public sectors including commercial and industrial construction and can handle project ranging from $50,000.00 to $18,000,000.00. Our specialties are shopping centers, recreations parks, fields and facilities, road reclamation and restoration, housing developments, office park developments, hotels, student housing, school additions and water treatment plants to name a few.

Nenni Construction & Excavating, Inc
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Fishkill, New York 12524
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Nenni Construction & Excavating, Inc.

1538 Route 52, Box B
Fishkill, New York 12524

Phone: +1 845 845-897-4437 +1 845 845-897-4437

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